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Brent Anderson, CLTC

LTC Advocate

Licensed States


(763) 258-4897


Brent is known for his expertise and straightforward approach to helping people understand the practical and affordable solutions to their long term care needs. He will help you to assess your long term care requirements and choose an appropriate plan to help protect your financial independence and maintain your financial security. Brent's approach to long term care insurance is to educate, inform, and present all available options. He knows how important it is that you get the long term care facts you need.

His mission is help protect your financial security from the unthinkable. Before changing his focus to long term care planning, Brent spent many years selling boats. He started working with the PNW six years ago and has been an important member of the leadership team. When Brent is not helping people plan their futures, you can bet he is spending time with his family. He is a true outdoors man who loves to be out on the lake, fishing, hunting, and just spending time in the woods.

Brent's main focus continues to be traditional long term care, but understanding the changing times, he now also can help you with combo products mixing both life and long term care as well as stand alone life products and annuities. He is licensed in the follow states: MN, NE, KS, MO, TX, IN, WI.

Brent Anderson, CLTC

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