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Phillis Hoffman, CLTC

LTC Advocate

Licensed States


O: (970) 765-5029 C: (970) 856-4580


PHYLLIS HOFFMAN (CLTC) - Phyllis has a huge heart and has a passion for helping families with their long term care needs. Her mission comes from being "Purpose Driven" providing education and empowerment, in particular to women and leading life of significance. Phyllis has had a colorful 39 year nursing career that included every in-patient RN specialty plus out-patient home care, hospice, Alaskan EMS, and Colorado ski patrol RN. In addition to that, she has spent 10 years in a retirement planning financial services career, resulting in her current career as a LTC insurance planning specialist. As a strong and practiced professional, Phyllis knows firsthand the mental, physical and financial devastation people experience when coping with a period of extended care. Phyllis often states, "Folks don't deliberately plan to fail financially, they simply fail to plan."

​Phyllis relocated to Western Colorado 5 years ago to purchase a retirement home and start her own Agency. PNW was the largest and most prestigious Brokerage offering the widest range of superior companies available. A perfect business partnership opportunity.

Phyllis married her High School sweetheart the same year she graduated from Nursing school. She and Bill are approaching their 56th wedding anniversary. They have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren which they enjoy spending time with. Phyllis is active in her Church, V.P. of the Chamber of Commerce and Past President of Rotary. In her spare time she likes to paint, sew, and ski in the winter and is a passionate gardener in the summer, she also has a small flock of laying hens and a pet rabbit.

Phyllis' main focus is long term care protection. She is licensed to sell insurance in the following states: CO, NE, and TX.

Phillis Hoffman, CLTC

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