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Rhonda Nowlin, MA, CSA, CLTC

LTC Advocate

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RHONDA NOWLIN (MA, CSA, CLTC) - Rhonda is someone when she decides to do something, she goes all the way and more. Her mission is to "Save the Caregiver!" She understands that in a long term care situation, it is not just about the one who is in care, but also about the people around them. Rhonda spent 10 years as a small business owner utilizing her creative and design experience, traveling to China and setting up a manufacturing facility before making a change.

​After watching her parents put their lives on hold for three

years to care for her grandmother, she was called to help save the caregivers. Always the avid learner, she pursued her insurance license and has primarily focused on long term care, also becoming Certified in long term care and earning the Certified Senior Adviser designation. A positioning in a Continuing Care Retirement Community has offered Rhonda the opportunity to help families in crisis and watch those that have planned to utilize their long term care insurance.

​Rhonda and her husband Chris have a crazy family of "yours, mine, and ours", with a total of 7 kids (5 boys and 2 girls) and 4 grand kids. Chris and Rhonda met online and laugh that their relationship only cost $9.95, the cost of membership. With the four older kids, out of the house and on their own, the house is not quite as wild, but still loud. When she is not working, she enjoys being with her family, watching movies, reading, and doing house projects. Rhonda's mains focus is traditional long term care, with being the avid learning that she is, she is addiung more solutions that she can help people with. She is licensed in Oklahoma.

Rhonda Nowlin, MA, CSA, CLTC

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