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Michael Korin

LTC Advocate

Licensed States


(703) 642-8284


MICHAEL J KORIN (CLTC) - Mike is an example of what you get when mixing southern hospitality with passions for long term care protection. His mission is to to help people plan for when they may need long term care with appropriate and affordable insurance if it makes sense to and for them. After volunteering with the U.S. Peace Corps in Peru for two years, Mike served in the U.S. Agency for International Development for a career, much of the time living overseas in less developed countries. He retired when his parents had health issues and needed considerable family assistance.

Mike's parents ultimately lived in a nursing home when they could no longer be cared for safely at home. His mother was in nursing homes for eight years with Parkinson’s as the debilitating disease advanced. Mike’s parents and family saw all of his parents’ assets liquidated and used to cover the cost of care until nothing was left.

Mike, seeing the emotional, financial and physical distress that his parents endured in needing care, decided to protect his family with long term care insurance. He, his wife, three of their children and their spouses all have long term care insurance. Mike's youngest was only 29 when she and her husband took out long term care insurance; her husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis four years later ( at about age 39). Fortunately they took out the insurance when they did because her husband would now not qualify for his long term care insurance. Mike has enjoyed working as a Long Term Care Specialist for fifteen years in helping others to prepare for when they needed long term care.

Mike talked with various companies and brokers and selected PNW because management of the Company relates very closely to his standards for quality, professionalism and integrity. PNW is lucky to have Mike and the 15+ years experience that he brings with him.

Mike is married to the amazing girl he had dreamed of as a young man. Patty and he have two daughters and two sons, and ten grandchildren. They feel particularly blessed in that they have a wonderful relationship with their children and grandchildren, all of whom live within three miles of their house. Mike and Patty love to visit with their children and grandchildren, to attend school activities of their grandchildren, to spend time boating and fishing on the Chesapeake Bay and to travel domestically and internationally. One of their special loves was scuba diving when they lived in Asia. Mike and Patty volunteer at their church and assist with programs for the needy in their area through a local food bank.

Mike's main focus is long term care protection. He is licensed to sell insurance in Virginia exclusively.

Michael Korin

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